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Sandrine Collette

Chief executive

Stefan Stalpaert


Our shops


Naamsestraat 26
Close to the old market
016/23 50 77
Mon-fri: 9u-18u
Saturday: 11u-17u

Tiensestraat 56
In front of "college De Valk" and "Thai House"
016/29 57 59
Mon-Fri: 9u-18u
Saturday: 11u-17u

Vlamingenstraat 2
Next to Restaurant Gainsbourg
016/23 78 38
Mon-Fri: 9u-18u
Saturday: Gesloten

Heilige Geeststraat 5
Back side of Botaniq Garden
016/30 90 77
Mon-Fri: 10u-18u
Saturday: Gesloten

* During Christmas, Easter and summer vacation, shops in Leuven are open all days of the week as from 10 am.
* During the month of July Heilige Geeststraat 5 and Vlamingenstraat 2 are fully closed. In august they are open on weekdays from 10am, but closed on Saturday and Sunday.
* During Christmas, Easter and summer vacation, the shop in Namur isĀ open all days of the week from 10 am til 5 pm.


Generaal Wahislaan 278, Schaarbeek
02/726 84 44
Mon-Fri: 10u-18u
Saturday: 10u-18u


Rue Godefroid 1
Street in front of trainstation
081/65 60 51
Mon-Fri: 7u30-18u
Saturday: 8u30-18u

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VAT: BE 0477 186 847

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